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The Luxury ashtray with the patented sieve system and its elegant line, will give a refined touch to any environment.

Designed to combine the functionality of an outdoor ashtray with the quality of a refined design capable of interacting with the surrounding environment.

Designed for bars, hotels, villas, restaurants.

The complete kit includes:

n.1 Luxury ashtray vase
1 patented anti-rust cigarette sieve.
1 bag of very fine sand (to be used exclusively in the upper part of the vase)
1 stainless steel bowl in which the sand is placed.

The remaining volume of the vase is usually filled according to different needs, with stones, sand or other. Furthermore, the vase can be anchored to the ground by means of a normal metal plug.

Measurements: Ø 39 cm - h 85 cm

Color: black or white

Material: Rotational resin

Features: Excellent resistance to shocks and bad weather, elegant line.

"Luxury" ashtray

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